RW 7.3 - Oh Cr@@@@

Just updated to RW7.3,

Published a site that was working fine using it this morning and now the theme seems shot to bits.

Can some one have a look at it and tell give me an idea of where to start to fix this!! Not sure where the problem is!!!


A good start is to re-publish the whole site.

I have republished.

I’m just in the processing of downgrading to the previous RW version and republishing to see if that hits the nail or not.

Hi @SimonPalmer,

It looks like you’ve included your Google Analytics code in the Head section of the “Code” settings view - is that right?

I’d go back there and take a look at it - it looks like you’re missing a closing </script> tag. That might not be the only thing, but it’s the first thing I spotted - will take a closer look at your site now.


Yep, once that </script> tag is re-added, everything works correctly:

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Hi Simon,

Can I marry you?!!? :slight_smile:

Fixed it, I’ll stop my amateurish panic now.

Cheers and thanks a lot


LOL :blush:

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