RW8.8.2 not updating page (Resolved)

I recently updated RW to 8.8.2 and now it is not updating my page. Is there some setting I need to look at? What I see in RW preview is not what is uploading to my server now. Very Frustrating.


There are a number of reasons why this could happen. The most basic is that it did update, but your web browser is showing an older, cached version. You can clear the cache or try a different browser / computer. If you want to post a link and a description as to what we should see that’s on the new version but not the old version, we can have a look.

Thanks for your reply. It has something to do with the page. I am able to make accurate changes on other pages. Is there a way to check the page for corruption or should I create a whole new page?

Do you have a URL to the page? Chi/
So I just rebuilt as a brand new page and it is still doing it. I cleared my browsers and the page is still missing a section and distorting the audio section. Very odd.


A couple of things.


You have two index pages. One is index.php the other is index.html
Index.php page : Chi/
index.html page: Chi/
I bet the link above for the PHP page has the changes.
So I’m guessing you added a stack to the page that requires PHP. You should have gotten a warning about having duplicate index files.

You need to find the directory on the server for that folder and then delete the index.html page using a file manager (if your host has one ) or an FTP app like FileZilla or Transmit.


It’s really poor practice to use spaces in the folder name (or capital letters). Right now you have Training with a capital T and captial letters and spaces int the foler name /Tai Chi/.

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Thank you. I will clean this up. Much appreciated1