🥇 RW8 Built-in Blog

I have been SUPER critical to the whole team for years and years about the state of the RW Blog Plugin. I think it is only fitting and fair that I make clear that they have fixed every issue I had with it with the release of RapidWeaver v8!

If you are looking for a simple, clean, get-er-done solution, this is it.:wink:

It is a blogging interface, pure and simple. It is not a CMS in the sense that many people think of today. It does not have remote blogging or a whole list of other things that many may want. However what it is is VERY GOOD! Perfect SEO tags, simple navigation, clean writing area with all necessary tools! Awesome!

A writers place to make a blogging post…

  1. Write great content
  2. Write a selling summary
  3. Title
  4. add a Category and some Tags
  5. make a Friendly url
  6. add Social Tags with Image
  7. Bang! Done!

Seriously, that’s it!

It simply does blogging well, fast and simple! :1st_place_medal:

Give it a try today and rethink what blogging should be!


@Flash Nice to have you back on the forum.


Is there a way to create a menu which shows the blog posts by title? The archive as I’ve got it set up, and possibly there are other ways to do so, lists blog posts by the date of creation. This results in an “Archive” menu which fails to reveal the content, by title, of all the posts. Is there a way of accomplishing this? The idea is so that it will look like the attached example. The individual month categories would have to collapse in the menu because of the number of posts. 05%20PM

Using RW 7’s built-in menu. I don’t see any difference with RW 8.

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