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Is there a way to cut and past articles I’ve created in Pages into RW site and retain footnotes?

No… in fact… you generally don’t want to cut and paste into RW. If you do, it should be as plain text for many reasons.

Having said that… I break those rules with the site I maintain but I understand the ramifications. I am supplied large sections of very long “reports” that arrive to me as Pages files. These are formatted as the author and owner of site wants them. Rather than pasting as plain text I do break the rules and I paste directly from Pages to RW. But again, I understand the ramifications of this and the website owner does too.

(Key things like Title, author, and such are manually entered, but the body of the report is pasted direct from pages.)

So… you “could” do it but if you want the footnotes linked you’d have to do that manually.

And I’m somewhat talking “blind” here as I don’t understand exactly what you are doing. There are also some tricks you can employ. You can actually copy from Pages, save in TextEdit, and output as INLINE CSS html (an “output” pref setting in TextEdit) - Take this output into BBedit, Zap quotes, and then paste as html into RW.

Regardless, it took me a LOT of experimentation, trial and error so be prepared. But again, I deal with very long text reports (sometimes entire chapters out of books… sometimes entire books, if they are short!) We place a new “report” on site each and every day so we simply don’t have the “time” nor people resource to format these “properly” as they should be. The key is… .we understand what is happening with pasted text and we have work arounds and we understand the limitations and ramifications.

I repeat… Unless you know why and what you are doing you DO NOT want to paste from Pages into RW except as Plain Text only!!!

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You could try this little known stack -

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Nice little stack zeebe! Good tip…

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