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I am trying to cut and paste from a WORD document into the paragraph stack and can’t subsequently change it to the normal paragraph font. Any ideas please

Highlight the text you’ve copied in the paragraph stack, click “Format” from the top menu, then click “Clear Formatting”.


Thank you. I was along the right lines but I was trying to remove the formatting in WORD. Really helpful. Enjoy your day

You can also use “Paste and match style” or “Paste as plain text”. This way you only have one action and do not have to a) paste and then b) clear the formatting.


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Word is terrible for hidden code/formatting, what I do:

  • Copy text from Word
  • Paste it into TextEdit
  • From the Format menu select ‘Make Plain Text’
  • Tidy up any crap like double spaces etc
  • Copy what I want
  • Paste into RW

I agree with @PaulRussam except for one thing, get Sublime Text or TextWrangler or a text editor like that does will allow you to skip this step:

and just copy from them without having to make it plain text.
just my 2¢


Thanks everyone for your help - appreciate it