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(Simon Powell) #1

Hi, I’m just looking to upgrade a single seat licence to RW8 but each time I click the ’ Upgrade Pricing Available’ link, it just reloads the same page. Is there an upgrade path or do we have to buy a whole new licence now?

Thank you

(Neil Egginton) #2

This page seems to be working

(Simon Powell) #3

Hi Neil,

Thanks for that but I just checked but it defaults to a cost of £89 to Buy the licence? When clicking the ‘Upgrade Pricing Available’ link, it briefly flashes with £69 but then quickly defaults back to £89 and when clicking the Buy Now button, you still get the full £89 price. Or am I missing something?

Many thanks


(Neil Egginton) #4

I can’t see an “Upgrade Pricing Available” link. Below is what I see.

Clicking the button adds it to the cart, and then I get this. Did you click the link I pasted earlier?

( ) #5

Can you try this link:

(Simon Powell) #6

Hi Aaron,

That’s terrific, thank you! Looking forward to getting stuck-in now :blush:

Best wishes


(Simon Powell) #7

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for these details the other day. I have now successfully bought the upgrade and installed and also applied the new license code after clicking ‘Activate License…’ but after quitting RW8 and restarting, I get the same attached splash screen asking me to activate again - is there anyway to stop that from happening? I have a feeling this was an issue before and I was given a whole new code?

Many thanks


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