Missing RW8 Download Link and License

Not sure where to go. I purchased RW8 upgrade two days ago and have not received download link and license key. I sent email to support yesterday and have not gotten response. Is there anything I can do other than protesting the charge through credit card company? I can see that the charge has been posted.

I would say try contacting @dan here.

I received my link and license within a minute.

Hit us up at support@realmacsoftware.com and we’ll get you sorted.

Brian, This is the email I used yesterday:

From: john.bennett.home@comcast.net

Subject: RapidWeaver 8 Upgrade Confirmation Email Not Received

Date: August 15, 2018 at 7:52:57 PM EDT

To: support@realmacsoftware.com

I order RapidWeaver 8 Upgrade this time yesterday; but have not received email order confirmation and Download link. The charge has posted to my credit card account.



I tried the License Key Retrieval function and got immediate reply. But nothing comes back to my primary email used on all purchases.

We’ve sent a reply to you earlier today (and your fulfillment emails were also sent). Did you check your junk/spam email folder?

I have exactly the same - got the ‘order confirmation’ screen (which I screen-grabbed) and my bank have given me a paddle.net authorisation code for payment taken. Aaron has replied saying there is no purchase visible against my email address or any variation of it so no idea what has happened. Frustrating but sounds like a paddle issue.

I got all my older purchases but RW8 is missing

Hey all,

Sorry about this, we can only assume this is a problem on Paddles end (we are looking into it now).

If anyone is still experiencing issues, please email dan@realmacsoftware.com and cc in support@paddle.com — We’ll get you up and weaving in no time!


I have spoken with Paddle on this issue, and it would appear some of the users experiencing this have incorrectly entered their email address (easily done).

If you’ve not received your confirmation, just email support@paddle.com and they will sort you out.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your help. I have opened a request with Paddle Support and have received and email that they will get back to me. But I thought I would share this as FYI. I went to my.paddle.com and entered my email address and got this:
“It seems like you’ve already used this email as a guest. We’ve sent you an email with a password reset PIN that you can enter below”
But I have not received that email. Will keep you posted on progress with this.

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