rwVault Curation Ending

Hi Everyone,

The last few months, things have really kept me busy, to the point of not even knowing what day it is. Needless to say something had to change, due to all my time committments. So, I’ve decided to stop active curation of I’ve enjoyed doing this for the community and it’s been really interesting seeing all of the theme creations for the last 7 years - yeah, I’ve been doing it awhile :slight_smile:  The free site gallery will remain up for the time being and also the paid Vault portion will remain active to allow members to access the database info, till their subscriptions expire.

I had plans to release a new site version that has functionality much like the RapidWeaver Community site, but with more info. It’s my hope that RMS will allow devs to enter more detailed info in the future. I’ve given them a list of properties still missing that users have said they would like to know, so hopefully those properties will be available in the future.

I’ll still be around working at Stack-Its and in the community so please don’t be a stranger.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Bill (the info guy)

Thanks for all your work over the years Bill.