Checked out Demo of RW 8 Disaster

I uploaded the demo of RW 8 and ended up losing all my themes for RW7 and being asked to buy a license for RW 7. What is up with that? Has anyone else had this happen?

Thirteen views and no suggestions? Or am I just being stupid?

Do you have just RapidWeaver 8 themes selected??


Also, about the number of views, not everyone is going to have a response for you. Also, you just posted 2 hours ago, the forum gets less traffic the later in the day (US Time) as a lot of users are from Europe, so it gets busy early morning US time to about 3-4pm Central time, so you posted at a more slower time for the forums.

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I ended up buying RW 8 as I need to update my site. Not happy, as I was not ready to buy 8 yet. I thought when you upload RW 8 it made a new folder, etc and did nothing with the old one. To find all my themes and stacks missing was a shock. I realize it is middle of the night over in England, where most users reside, but I figured someone ran into this or as I said I was just being stupid. Now RW 8 says I don’t have stacks, which is not true, so I am going to try and upload that stack again. I guess it is not a good idea to mess around with new stuff late at night after a long day of working. I do appreciate your response, please don’t get more wrong. I usually don’t complain and love working with RW, but this was a bit of a shock to me.

I’m having the same problem. I can see my stacks but it says they’re missing. Doesn’t tell me what stacks it can’t find.

The sample image Robert is showing is for RW8. My problem is that I could not go back to RW7, as all my themes and stacks went missing. I thought RW8 was making copies of all, not “stealing” them…ha, ha. Hopefully someone from the home office can bring forth some insight when the sun shines in the morning. In the meantime, I was able to update my files and post. Good thing, or people would have shown up a day early…

Download a fresh copy of Stacks ( and drop that onto your RapidWeaver 8 icon and see if that does the trick for you.

Brian, the problem is not with RW8, but with my copy of RW7, where everything seems to have been taken by the Demo RW8, instead of just copying the Themes and Stacks. At least that is what I thought would happen (copying). Doesn’t matter as I am now a reluctant (for now) owner of RW8. All I wanted to do was check out the Demo and then couldn’t get back to working on my RW7 projects again…
Oh, well. I don’t mind supporting Realmac for sure, but I am not sure I need any of the new bells and whistles. Well, now I have them…:open_mouth:

Suggestion. Tell RW8 your stacks are on Dropbox, it’ll move them there, then open RW7 and tell it your stacks are on Dropbox.

I used RW7 from when it came out and had my stacks on DB, Installed RW8 and didn’t even need to tell it where my Stacks were, it found them and my RW7 still works side by side with RW8.

It has happend to me couple of times – where RW7 for some reason I haven figured out – has lost path to my addon folder, which I keep in a dropbox shared between to Macs.

When this happens – 3d party themes, stacks and all plugins go missing. When I redefine the path – plugins often / sometime needs serials reentered (but it’s been a while since I experienced it last time… luckily Stacks doesn’t use serialz – cause that would be some hell of work…

A shot –> (RW7) change path to addon from ‘Managed by RW’ to an empty folder on your desktop (Rapidweaver 7 menu > Preferences > Addons). Quit RW. Open a cold beer and drink slow. Reopen RW 7 and change the path back to ‘Managed by RW’. Quit RW –> and take another zip (if there’s anything left in the bottle). Open RW 7 and test if things are back to normal. // If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work, but at least you got got the taste of a cole beer to calm you down.

Keep your RW pluglin serials close… I do. Unclutter is a great app for that by the way.

RW8 is by the way – in my opinion – worth the upgrade.

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Thank you for your detailed information. I have decided to move onto RW8 and not worry about it. All seems to be working just fine there. I am just happy your stacks all made it on board safely…:grinning:

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