Would be awesome to get SASS/SCSS Support for RapidWeaver, e.g. variable support across the site, perfect for a global configuration in the Code-/CSS Section (I know we can use CSS properties for that, but they are not widely supported yet).

Foundation 6 uses custom props. It’s supported by all major browsers for some time now.

Great question.
@realmac ? Can we expect to see any support for SASS in RW9?

I do not personally think that Sass support in RW will be a great benefit. It opens a huge can of worms that I don’t think fit with RapidWeaver user base. You could always have your own Sass workflow outside of RapidWeaver that outputs a single CSS file that you add to your website. I actually used to do this.

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You could be right. Especially if you are coming at it from the Stacks first perspective due to the myriad of possible classes, Ids and page structures - in that theatre SASS would have limited impact and utility, I can certainly agree.

I was more coming at it from the angle that it would be good to see some proper support and investment in other page types - specifically the HTML page type. I still like the idea of being able to import or link out to Eg Bootstrap, or indeed Foundation or even MDL and then build out the page from html, while still getting benefit from RW’s other accelerators.

I think that its probably just overly wishful thinking on my part though (seeing investment in new and improved page types) as its not happened for years. In any case, the experience in VSCode is now such that it’s probably pointless now for a tool like RW to try to catch up. I too have used SASS side by side with RW when updating some older sites and it works really well … its just CSS after all, but it would have been nice to have native support for it in ‘The Best Web Design Software For Mac’.

It’s fascinating to get your opinion on this though, Joe and I agree, on reflection, that it probably would no longer represent a good investment of time and effort for the vast majority of the RW user base. Time that could be otherwise spend broadening the API to allow Stacks to run faster and do more - which would be of more value to a wider audience. Let’s see if we get anything like that in RW9.

I also think that the days are numbered with Sass. Once CSS gets nested selectors, sass will die off.

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Coming from VSCode and IntelliJ Projects, that was my wish for SASS support :laughing: It would be a little bit easier to theme some static pages done with RW to accompany the design of other developments.

I am quite curious what 9 might bring. To be honest, I only stick with RW because of some existing sites / RW projects.

I hope that CSS will also bring some sort of import feature, compared to SASS. That’s probably nothing RW will benefit from, but for other projects.

If you are building in VSCode then Tailwind CSS is well worth a look too.

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Tailwind? :nauseated_face:

I thought it was cool at first, then it went too far. It’s ridiculous.

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Same here

Each to their own I guess. After getting used to it and it’s accelerators, I really like it.

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