RapidWeaver 9 Wishlist, what do you want to see?

Hey Weavers,

We’re busy working on RapidWeaver 9, and while a lot of the changes will be under the hood and making sure we’re compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur, we’d love to hear what you guys would like to see in the next release.

I posted about our plans regarding RapidWeaver and macOS Big Sur here.

So, fire away. Don’t hold back. If you could have one new feature in RapidWeaver 9, what would it be?

Happy Weaving!


First, thank you for asking about our wishes.

Second, congratulations are in order for using a modern and clean compliant code, the payoff is it runs under MacOS 11.

Third, my wish list. Sorry this is big want.

Many desktop apps have started to use a framework. RW already has one—sort of. It just needs structure.

Wish 1 — make or borrow a framework.

Wish 2 — use some sort of building block system with a library of items we can drag and drop into the blank framework page, then edit and view fully rendered. WYSIWYG.

Wish 3 — each block can be edited to add our own color and styling.

Wish 4 — use the already good CSS Consolidation to clean it all up.

Wish 5 — make use of master styles somehow so that the presets can be applied to every page in the document.

I know this sounds like Blocs or Stacks. In a lot of ways it is. The difference is I don’t suggest it has to be compatible with blocs or stacks or even other plug-ins.

If someone needs something more flexible, purchase into the existing Stacks ecosystem.

If they just want more flexibility and only want to use and pay for RW, they would then have expanded options.

My vision is that this framework system should work with all page RW types. Most of which I assume and hope are getting serious updates. Look at past wishlist that remain valid and unfulfilled for ideas on updates.

Wish 6 — please add an online editor to the (hopefully massively updated) blog module.

Wish 7 — execute all this in the normal, easy to use way Realmac has always done things.



I don’t use non-stacks pages or the RW basic Text stack but, if I did, I’d want RW to stop changing perfectly good unicode such as Πέτρος into a messy set of html entities, such as Πέτρος.

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It’s probably a Stacks feature but I’d love the ability to load or not load stacks on the fly - so I could, for example, only load Foundry and GoCMS stacks for one project, and Source and a few Doobox’ stacks for another etc.

I’m currently on 1,000+ stacks…


Definitely should be a stacks feature request, not RapidWeaver.

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It would be awesome if there were RW preferences for setting the projects settings to specific values when creating a new project. I think that at least these would be helpful…

  • Generate Social Tags
  • Site Language
  • Advanced Site Options
  • Advanced Default Extension

One thing which is really important for me: Please allow several backups. E. g. some of my clients want to access older backups or just require to keep each backup on the server. Right now I have to connect via ftp, rename the current backup and then RW will create a new backup.

  1. Free upgrade for those of us (ie me) who bought RW8 this week.
  2. I don’t use Stacks because I was using RW before Stacks and so I stuck with Blocks and Google’s extras up to now. It strikes me that it would be a good idea to incorporate Stacks into RW9. Developers would still be able to sell individual Stacks.
  3. Universal peace and prosperity. If that’s possible.

Full support for iOS soon after you get the native ‘Apple Silicon’ version up and running… :slight_smile: !!!

I would love to see a collect for output like in indesign. include plugins, themes, styles, and stacks.


I know it’s late in the process but here are some suggestions:

  • Try and Maintain Older OS compatibility.


  • Back during the early RW8 days you had (by accident), you had a switch view widget. That would allow you to change the view widget(list, column, etc.). You (@dan) said:

    Expect something to help with this in future builds, but for now, forget you ever saw this.

    Can we expect that with RW9?

  • Can you add the ability to right-click on a resource or folder in resources and publish them individually like we can with pages?

Theme ToolTips

  • Could you add the ability for theme developers to add tooltips to the pList for these fields. Similar to stacks


  • An option to use Markdown instead of styled text in the sidebar area.
  • Perhaps a sitewide sidebar, similar to Banners, if you don’t have a page level sidebar than use the sitewide one.


  • Bigger footer area and allow an option to use Markdown instead of styled text.


  • Could you add the ability to the link dialog to add an anchor point to an internal page?

Page types

  • Perhaps add a Columns page, an improvement to the photo gallery to include other Media types.
  • The Blog always could be helped like Markdown or styled text option.

Theme Tray

  • Can we have the ability to enlarge the size (drag on the corner)
  • can we also have some order (like alphabetical) for the dropdown:

Addons Order:


  • The official manual is still RW7

Add a +1 to everything @teefers just said please!!! (I did actually copy and paste it all out with a +1 listed, but it looked a little ridiculous)


I would like to have user defined (maybe coloured) labels for one or more pages in a project, so I can see the status at a glance. E.g. “In work/Under construction”, “Test Page”, “Accepted by customer”, “SEO necessary”, “Completed” etc.


Hey Dan,
thanks for asking.
My #1 wish would be multithreading / multicore optimization. It is becoming increasingly evident that the most important step in Mac improvement will be the expansion of the no. of cores. So optimizing apps for that seems helpful.


I would be great if clicking on “Resources” gave access to the Finder as well as ‘Photos’ & ‘Unsplash’.

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It would be good if I can restore past versions of RapidWeaver project during editing (like macOS built in feature)


Don’t know if it’s a RW or Stacks things, probably both.

  1. Right click on the page or items activating a popup of stacks. Not drag. Saves time and space. The popup could be wide or narrow to fit your needs. No more dragging stacks. Saves time and space.
  2. Pages pane on left as a drop down of sorts from top bar. Saves space. No more opening and closing that left pane button.
  3. Edit pages in Preview mode. Game changer.

Smaller screens become more productive.


As Arista said
Edit pages in Preview mode, would be a game changer.
It would be great to be able to highlight the text or element & right click to edit…


A way to import and transition a WordPress blog to the Rapidweaver blog.