Say hello to Weatherist 2

Weather based on coordinates

Weatherist is displaying the current weather and the upcoming weather (forecast) of the place you provide. When installing the Stack you’ll need to enter/change the latitude and longitude (coordinates) of the city/place you’d like to display. To find out the latitude and longitude of your favorite place make sure to visit or check out our video screencast at the bottom of this product page to learn how to integrate the coordinates.

Customization Options

Within the Stacks page settings you can switch between Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F) for the temperature measures as well as mph, m/s or km/h for the wind/air measures.

You can also choose between 10 different fonts, including Helvetica, Museo Slab and Pacifico.

We also give you the availability to change the color of the wind/air measures as you can see in the example on our product page.

And last but not least you can also customize the title of the place you’re displaying with the weather widget.


This weather widget is completely responsive which means that you can also put the Stack in a column view or in a sidebar Stack element. Your visitors will love the mobile version of your site with the Weatherist Stack installed.

Animated, Retina and blazing fast

Weatherist is also animated, with rotating clouds and suns, or raindrops falling down - it will look absolutely amazing on your website.

The graphics and text used in the Stack are completely retina, which looks gorgeous on 4K screens, the newest generations of MacBooks/iMacs and on new smartphones, such like the iPhone.

The Stack is also very fast because we didn’t make use of complex graphics or big images that have long loading times.

Powered by is backed by a wide range of data sources, which are aggregated together statistically to provide the most accurate forecast possible for a given location. Learn more about

Learn more about Weatherist 2

Update to v.2.0.1 is now available, it adds an option to support SSL websites as well and also fixes bugs reported by some users.