Seams stack: layout

Hello everyone,
I am using RW 8 with Foundation.

I would like to use the Seams stack at the bottom of my impact header, BUT above it there is a sidebar by BWD. That’s how it shows so far. Do you think is it possible to make it show nicely even though there is 2 column with 2 different colours below it?

I know I could make the end of the Seam flatter, so it doesn’t bother the right, green sidebar… but I would like to keep the Seams’s end curvature.


Regarding the footer I have followed the same steps I have seen on the sample project file that come with the stack (to show the seams above the footer), but I get a white space between the Seams at the top of the footer and the green 1 column stack above it. I can’t understand why. All settings seems alright.

Any help on this one would be awesome :smiley:

P.S.: @joeworkman I missed your Live-youtube session, but I watched the replay. Do I need to do the advanced “seams within a seams” method to resolve the first issue?


I put the footer with the Seams inside the green 1 column stack above and the white gap has disappeared, but there are some margins on the sides and at the bottom of the 1 column stack (that contain both the green paragraph and the footer-1 column stack).

This is how it looks inside RW.

I tried to change the gutter settings, but nothing changes. All margins and borders and puddings are set to 0 px in the footer, dark-grey 1 column.

Any ideas?. :thinking:

Edit due to me reading the whole thread instead of just the last post:
The white space IS the Seam, what you want to do is have the seam in the bottom of the green (I assume SectionsPro) area … no Seams content, just the grey seam.
Then have your GlobalFooter below the SectionsPro

As for your 1st question, I assume you want to have the appearance of the seam being 2 colours (white and green) … that would be difficult but … maybe not impossible with a liberal use of SectionsPro / SectionsBox

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Turn on Overflow hidden on the one column that wraps the entire seam.


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Thank you so much guys.

The stack is now up and shining above my footer on my site except on the main page, as there is the SideBar stack by BWD that contain two column with different colours.

In regards to my first question (which is “How can I manage to put a Seams stack above/below a content area that has columns with different colours?”) it would be great to find a way. Because if you look at the About page I also have the same kind of layout: two column with a paragraph and an image. I think it makes the look more dynamic (especially on Tablet+) and fresh than just having a plain 1 column stack etc. So it would be ideal to keep it like this, although I really want that Seams to give it a modern look.

In the homepage I am using Sidebar, whereas in the About page I am using a 2 column foundation stack with Match height.

What do you mean with a liberal use of SecionsPro/SectionBox ?

That is just wonderful. Great effect… just love it ! :+1:

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I had a play last night and couldn’t get it to work the way I pictured it in my head but I’ll continue to have a think … I’m sure there’s a way

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Okay Paul… yeah I should also think so.

I guess is not so unusual to have a two-column stack with each column having a different colour, or a paragraph on one and an image on the other one.

I’ll think about it as well and I’ ll touch base as soon as I come up with something. Feel free to do the same. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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