Poster Stack add padding below each poster item

Anyone know how to add space between each poster item/bottom? @instacks @teefers
I thought it would be in these settings, but I don’t see a difference when I change the padding.

Lisa: I use the Padding Override with 40 px on the bottom.


You know what it was… the host server was down and I couldn’t figure out why my photos weren’t showing up and leaving white spaces instead. None of the settings were working right (to me) because I didn’t know at first. It’s fine now :slight_smile:


Another question… if I want to get rid of the main body left and right padding that are set with Masonry Columns gutter, how would I do that? Not the gutter between columns, but the gutter left and right on the whole Poster Stack.

That’s most probably a theme issue. But please send me a link.

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Foundation. For example, this page:


.s-vault-1.s-pro>.shear-wrapper>.shear-inner>.inner-content.vaultPadSide {
padding-left: 0px !important;
padding-right: 0px !important;

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Just bought the Poster stack, looks promising :slightly_smiling_face: and good customer service from Jannis.
I look forward to seeing some more e-commerce features on this stack.


Me too. When you have a detailed requirements list, let me know. Cheers :beers:


@LSPhoto No need to override with CSS - this is an optional padding added in the stack settings, just turn off the custom side padding in the Sections settings for Master Layout 1 or define a separate layout for the region that you are putting the Poster stack in.

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Perfect, will do :slightly_smiling_face:

That didn’t seem to do anything… page is republished and looks the same.

The side padding that @instacks mentioned is just your custom horizontal padding that is set in your Layout Master1 . Either turn that off or don’t apply Layout Master 1 to that Section.

thx @tav but if I turn off the horizontal padding, it still looks the same. I use the same padding on everything, to keep everything lined up the same, so in this case, the only thing that sticks out left and right is the padding on the outer Poster stack.
For example, this page has the same horizontal padding: Yet it doesn’t have the extra horizontal padding on the outer Block Grid because I am using code to get rid of it.
margin: 0 -1.25rem;

This is published page that has horizontal padding:

This is preview page with horizontal padding turned off:

You can pull the same negative margin trick as the block grid if you want - this will remove it completely , personally I think there should be some space on smaller screens though. There is currently no padding at all on the Happy Clients text above (perhaps its because you removed it as described above.

margin-left: -50px;
margin-right: -50px

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I think this is working, @tav :slight_smile:


@LSPhoto Your site is really coming together nicely. Great job.


Looks great, I really like this clients reference page.

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thanks! I discover new stacks and ways of doing things and I keep going, lol. But I’m hoping to finish up over the next few weeks and just add and maintain from there :slight_smile:

So you really want all to stop developing new stacks :slight_smile: ?

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