Search & Replace text on single page

How can I search & replace a text on a single RW page that uses several stacks?

In short, you can’t. Probably best to copy all the text into a single external document, do the search and replace, and then copy and paste it all back.

RapidWeaver Central

Which would mean - if possible - that I’d add that to my request list for RW7, please.

Hmm… will this be re-converted into the correct stacks parts in RW Edit mode? I don’t think so.

So, overall this is a really important feature missing. I’m lucky that my site is small. How can we submit FR to Realmac?

Suggest it here - What would you like to see in RapidWeaver 7?

Like I said, you can’t.

Also, it’s more a Stacks FR than a RapidWeaver one.