Co-working on a single webpage


I’m developing a few RW stacks based websites and one of the pages should display a frame or stack with editable content on-the-go.
This is what I want to do:

  • Edit the content from whereever I am, using iOS or OSX, without the need for rapidweaver
  • simple text and layout editing
  • being able to place images, if its possible with lightbox
  • if possible, also place videos or at least embed them from youtube
  • link text and images to URL’s
  • at least one of my co-workers should be able to do the exact same things
  • it should be responsive
  • no ads or other links that send viewers away from my site
  • the same content has to appear on all our websites
  • we agree to pay for an app but not for an adfree hosting account for such a thing as a fairly simple, single page on for example Wix or something like that, since we already pay for hosting the site and the domains, the mailadresses etcetera.

I suppose many of you people would direct me to a blog page like Tumblr or Wordpress and put it in a blueball R frame stack. But the page content should be quite ‘static’, without an archive, publishing dates etcetera. Basically we only want to change or edit some of the content now and then but it should always be done immediately when we feel necessary, so RW is not an option (also because my co-workers are not developers and do not use RW).

Any good ideas on this?

You can use Pulsepro to do all of this:, it’s my favourite CMS system at the moment, really simple to use. Armadillo is another one but I still haven’t quite got my head around it. With Pulse you just log in in your browser from anywhere in order to make instant changes to your website.


Gabrielle, you’re talking about Pulse Pro “Classic” (version 3.x), right? I’m just curious to know, since with version 4 it isn’t possible any more to use it for making content editable inside RW as far as I know.

I have a solution currently in beta. I plan on shipping in parallel with Stacks 3.

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Rapidbase I haven’t used it in a little while so I’m unaware of the update. You use it to edit content outside of rapidweaver though, are you saying that’s all changed?

Yep. I’ve used PulseCMS for many, many sites and it’s still my first choice for a cms-integration inside RapidWeaver. But only the “Classic” version 3.x, not the current version 4.x. With the latter many(!) things have changed and it’s not possible anymore to use it the way we’ve done it with 3.x. But the classic version is still supported and updated, so no problem to still use it.

But as Joe said: we’ll have an excellent alternate solution soon, which will cover most of the things Pulse CMS does so well (except sorting the pictures of galleries via drag and drop, which still is unrivaled by any CMS I’ve seen so far)…

Best, Matthias

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Joe Workman will your CMS be fairly easy for idiots like me to learn how to use and will there be an ongoing fee?
I never got to grips with Armadillo, can just about cope with RW-Writer (but my client doesn’t enjoy the ongoing costs) so the old Pulse is currently my only option.

Try Dropkick from
Works like a smile

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Try dropkick from yazool

Ok I’ll check it out thanks :wink:

Yes. My new CMS is very simple to use.

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Hi Joe a little bit sour your reaction.
Months ago you are saying that your new CMS was ready, but you were waiting to deploy it, because you want to see how the competition was doing. You could sit back in old rocking chair because you had your subscription CMS.
And now there is DropKick and you wake up.

@tom_stalon I am not sure where you get information. But some of your perceptions are not correct…

Yes. I originally wanted to ship a month ago. However, the CMS has grown by leaps and bounds above my original vision for it. Also Stacks 3 is very close to ship. Some of the new features in Stacks 3 will allow me to make things better. Therefore, I now plan on shipping my CMS shortly after the Stacks 3 launch. My launch has nothing to do with competing stacks. Also, my CMS will not be a subscription model. Not sure where you got this idea.

I did not just “wake up”… I have been actively releasing beta versions of my CMS to testers for months. Gabrielle asked me if my CMS was going to be easy enough to use for novice users. I felt that I needed to give her an answer.

Good things come to those who wait. This is really really good… Have a wonderful weekend!

Joe I’ve always loved using your products, and if your CMS is simple enough for an idiot like me to use, then I’ll be jumping for joy :wink:

Well that’s all changing as of next week as we know :wink:

Look out for the announcement from @instacks and myself sometime next week!

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So glad Pulse will be “back” as an alternative to the already existing solutions. Always great to have alternatives!


Thanks Matthias for the help and warm welcome back.
As always, the more options the better for RapidWeaver users!

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