Rapidweaver Search Stack

I am looking for a Stack that will let you just search one page not the whole website.

If there isn’t such a thing is there a way to do this simply - an idiots guide?


Might have a look at


Just double checking… you do mean for the user/visitor to search a page? (A little confused as most browsers have a “search” ability to search the page being looked at.)

Sometimes people ask about searching the current page while working on it within RapidWeaver. That’s not what your asking is it?

If you believe that the most browsing is being done on mobile, then that may not be true.
My iPhone and iPad don’t have that, and even on desktops the end users need to know about that feature.

Ahh yes… my narrow thinking. Excellent point. (I do think think mobile when making pages!)


Yes, I want a search box on an individual page. The page in question is password protected so I do not want one that searched the whole website.

iPhones and iPads have this, just click on the “box with arrow” symbol and select search page.

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Do any of the native self-contained (opposed to stacks that rely on external search engines) actually index page content? I always thought they only index the page meta description and tags.

Might be wrong, I’ve not tried them all. But if you want the actual content on the page to be indexed it’s worth checking this out.

Yes, I know that it’s available on iOS safari, but it’s kind of hidden. Do all or even most users know it’s there? And what about Chrome or Firefox for iOS or iPadOS? What about Android and Kindle Fire?

One of the challenges of website design and development is having a site that is easy to use for everyone on every platform.

It depends on your audience, but many users have difficulty with even simple navigation tasks, so I wouldn’t expect them to master advanced browser functions. It’s a question of useability.

I can’t find the control key on my iPad and does the novice or even average person on a desktop even know about this?

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True :slight_smile:

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If every one creates his own “search this page” input field, you aren’t better.

That’s a keystroke for a menu item. If you use a desktop browser, you should know how to use menu items.

I think that depends on the audience, tech savvy people you might expect to know that. If that’s all you care about, then it might be acceptable. There is no aptitude test before you can use a desktop browser (at least not where I live), so it’s is a poor practice to assume that your users know what you think they should know.

If you’ve done or seen any usability studies, then it wouldn’t surprise you how many people know so little of what you think they should.

I agree for most pages on most sites a “search this page” function would be a rare requirement. And honestly the browsers find (⌘ Cmd+F) for most pages isn’t really a “search” but a “find” function. One of the several filter stacks would probably be more useful. Where the developer has some sontrol of the search results.

Live Search from 1LD will index page content.:


If you know how to use the menu item for print, then you also know the menu item for find.

If you create web pages, all with their own “find on this page” concept, you will run into a wall.

Tell us the difference.

Maybe, maybe not. They are on different Menu items on Safari and Chrome. The Find is on the Edit menu; the Print is on the File menu. And again you assume the user even knows how to print a page.

Look at a Search engine compared to find in an editor or word processor. The find will find the First occurrence of the what is being looked for. A good search would give you a results page(or Modal) with rankings. The OP asked about a page search, not a find.

That’s good to know, thanks.

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Live search might do exactly what the David @bluecob asked for.

It has an option to “Search Additional pages” and an option to “Search These pages only”.

So my guess (Haven’t tested this) would be if you selected Search Additional pages and put only the one page on the search and then selected Search These pages only, it should only search that one page.

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Please delete.

They certainly do. If you type your search item into the url space you can search the page for it by scrolling to the bottom of the popup.