Searchable electronic magazine articles stack?

Hello, I am trying to find the best way to create an online magazine. Basically I want to post the articles with a Lightbox for images. It needs to be searchable as I have over 50 yrs of archives I need to add to it! Poster Stack is the closest I have found so far but didn’t have search integrators (I do own RapidSearch Pro).

Anyone have any ideas or recommendation for Stacks to get this accomplished? Site is Foundation/stacks based. The Articles DO NOT need to be remotely editable so don’t really need the Flexibility of a CMS… Thanks for any help you can give on this!!

I haven’t tried this yet but it might work with poster stack.

The only problem you would have is building a sitemap to use with rapidSearch live that would include the “poster pages”.
Because poster generates pages “on the fly” they aren’t included in the built in sitemap in RapidWeaver. There’s a number of ways to generate an external sitemap.

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