Searching for a column-stack with one fixed column

Hello everybody. Does anyone have an idea or a stack in mind for one fixed width column? I would need a fixed column for an image with a dynamic column for the rest of the page width (or container width). I was searching through my available stacks and could not find such a feature. Here are some stacks I tried:

  • Foundation column stacks (Joe Workman)
  • Fluid Columns (Joe Workman)
  • Grid (Doobox)
  • Reflow (Doobox)

There are at least two choices…:
Blueprint Sidebar Stack:
SmartColumns2 Stacks:

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I am releasing a new free stack later today that might help you (BetterFloat). The first column can be a fixed width (it does not change size) and can be floated left or right. The only demo you can see for it right now is the lower-most ‘information’ example on with the icon in the fixed width container.


Wow, that is exactly what I tried to do. I will definitely try this out. Thanks a lot! I will be waiting for the release.

Thanks for the fast response. I will take a closer look at these two stacks.

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