Variable Column Width Stack


I’m looking for a Stack, where I can assign column widths. It doesn’t need to be responsive if that helps.
I have tried Foundation’s Fluid Columns and it doesn’t really work for me (or do what I want and there’s too much fiddling). Essentially I’d like to be able to drop the add-in into Stacks, state how many columns I want and then set the fixed width - I hope that makes sense?
Does anyone have any recommendations?


Setting columns to a fixed size will not work too well if you want to design responsively. There are stack out there that can float fixed width columns against each other and become semi-responsive. I have my Fluid Columns stack and Elixir has one called Bricks.

You can also set a regular 1 column stack to have a Fill Mode of Float. Then you can define a fixed width for that column. Simply repeat this for as many as you want.

I agree with Joe – when I started designing websites and developing stacks – layouts were very static… using lots of elements with a fixed width. But that time is long gone… for most websites anyway.

There’s still users designing only for computer and tablets, some builds special scaled down websites for mobile devices… but most designs has gone responsive.

If you want to work with a fixed width & responsive webdesign at the same time you’d have to either work with a horizontal scrollable layout > or keep the fixed width below 300px (probably a little lower because you’d have to take page martin into account) = lowest common denominator for smartphones.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies. Battling / trying to get to grips with Fluid Stacks.
Basically trying to get into a whole new way of thinking after using Dreamweaver in a very limited way over the past few years. It’s a pretty steep and frustrating learning curve trying to duplicate existing HTML pages created in Dreamweaver into RapidWeaver and such a huge amount of conflicting advice out there on the web - yikes!!

Well, I’m still battling and making no progress.
What I’m trying to achieve is this, which was done in Dreamweaver - narrow left column, medium middle column and narrow right column:

Any ideas?

Narrow left (%), narrow right (%), middle column (%) will take up the rest of the space… can be done with Stacks 3. Columns in Stacks 3 will – of course – go responsive.

For more advanced features there’s a lot of grid & column stacks around. Joe’s got a couple. If you visit the Addon Store there’s even more & I got a few on my site: Sirocco & HaGrid + a few more.