Independently adjustable-width columns?


I’d like to build a page (in Foundation/RW8) that has three columns of different widths when displayed on desktops:

  • the left column about 20% of page width
  • the center column about 65% of page width
  • the right column about 15% of page width

The stacks I thought might work in my inventory, including 3 Column Foundation, Gridinator, Paragraph Pro, amongst others don’t (seem to) allow that kind of control of column width. I don’t know CSS, so advice from someone in this forum is my only hope.

If an adjustable-width column feature is available in a stack (or otherwise possible with a snippet in CSS), please let me know!


@Doobox has a stack that will do what you ask. Reflow. It is my go to columns stack.


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Thanks for the heads-up on that. I’ll check it out!



The latest foundation (6) can do this out of the box with columns pro stack

In foundation F1 try this:

Thanks for the tip, Joe. Can you point me to where I can find that panel?

Foundation 3 col stack

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