Searching for a stack to show images elegantly

I am looking for a stack similar to the “royal slider” mode of the gallery stack 3 (example near the bottom of the demo page)

what i have in mind:
a row of thumbnails at the bottom, the bigger image on top, lightbox or fullscreen feature, caption-feature

unfortunately my weaver pix stack which I once used for a similar task is out of date and I would need to pay full price for version 3.

my images (arround 10-15) have different dimensions.
I would like them to fit to a certain height, so that the slideshow stays in place even while showing portrait formats. (thats the point where the refined slider 2 stack by stacks4stacks does not fit my need)

any suggestion?

Maybe I am missing the question but, why not just use Gallery Stack 3 and choose the royal slider?

because its pricy and I am out of money after upgrading RW, some stacks and could´t resist to buy some bundles as well :wink:
I just need that single feature and was hoping that there might be a lighbox or slideshow stack out there that is less feature-rich than gallery stack 3, but cheaper.

I just noticed the image plus stack by doobox
wonder if i could just prepare a row of thumbnails and leave the §"bigger image on top option…

you see - I am open for alternative ways if the price tends to be +/- 10$

Ah, gotcha.

If you browse through Will’s stacks (, he’s very reasonably priced, and they all have demos to try for free. My first thought was but I don’t know that it has a full-screen option.

If there is something you feel can be improved or made better in the stack, please let me know. I am always open to suggestions and constructive feedback. Simply contact me through the website. Many of these stacks get updated with new features.

hm… I´ve gone through the stacks4stacks arsenal, but have´t found a stack that really fits my needs.
same experience with all other stacks I have investigated so far. :frowning:
there is always something missing: the thumbnails, the captions, the lightbox effect, the navigation…

maybe my english was´t good enough to describe what I am looking for, so I will try to be more precise:
what I am searching for could also (maybe better?) be described as a portfolio stack:
i want to give potential clients an impression about several projects I have accomplished in the past (= thumbnails)
AND I need to add some text information to the zoomed image to describe what the project was about (or at least I need the option to give the project a name)
AND I want to keep the whole thing small (in means of layout). sort of “extra information” at the bottom of the page.

There is (or was) a portfolio stack, I think it may have been by doobox, have a search on the community site

thanks for your suggestion!
I have this portfolio stack (yes, doobox) in my library and tested it.
but for me it is pretty useless, because it crops all images to the height of the smaller image and there is no lightbox/zoom and no navigation…

I found this one:
so far the best solution, i think.

will take some sleep and decide tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Slider 11 might also be worth a look, though it may be a bit pricey for your pocket at the moment.

Slider 11

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that is indeed an interesting stack. put it on my list. It seems I have overseen this developer during my research…
for the time being I used the box stack from yuzoolthemes for that single portfolio-gallery I wanted to create - but I have further galleries on my to do list that might need a different styling.
thanks everybody for giving my valuable feedback!