Favorite slideshows, galleries or other for images?

(Gregory Barchard) #1

Hi friends

I’m curious, what are your favorite (not necessarily RW related) slideshows, galleries, image layout, or image effects out there? It could be anything image related. It could be a Wordpress plugin. I want to know what cool things you’d like to do with you images in your RW site


(Phil) #2

In alphabetical order, I use them all for images:




SectionsPro.stack and SectionsBox.stack

(mark hunter) #3

In no particular order.
Thumbnail Gallery (wordpress) - but I’d like to be able to open the main image in a larger lightbox as well.
Envira Gallery (wordpress)
Foo Gallery (Wordpress)
Kwix (Yourhead’s retired RW plugin)

For me another key issue with slideshow and galleries is being able to use them in conjunction with other layout stacks, like “tabs” and “accordions”, I’ve found the more complex image stacks don’t always work well when combined with layout stacks in this way.

So, a “cool thing” for me would be to have a Thumbnail gallery that can have a Lightbox on the main image that will work inside a tab, accordion or modal layout. Oh, and could I have it to work with images and video please!:slight_smile:

Can I ask if Weaverpix is going to continue to be developed Greg, I know there were a number of themes that were developed, but no longer appear to be available - and is it possible to have a responsive Weaverpix gallery, the last time I tried this didn’t appear to work, but it could just be me?



(Gregory Barchard) #4

Hi mark

Thanks for the info.

Yes it can be very difficult to support accordions and tabs because they hide content from the page. This prevents the slideshow or gallery from being able to lay itself out properly in the browser.

Yes WeaverPix is still being developed. There are responsive themes in there that should work well such as the bootstrap ones. None of the Classic themes are responsive.


(Rob D) #5

Gregory, as you know, there is many good and great gallery software within RW circle. But none of them comprise all the desired features, therefore, adding one more such app only makes sense if it is going to gather together all the features of modern photo-galleries and slideshows and will add few new features on top of it.

For example, one of my favorite features is opening the light box automatically at full monitor width (as opposed to the full browser window width). Only one gallery I know of has that feature (Image Gallery from @CosCulture and that’s why I chose that app over many others that are newer and more feature-rich.

The same Image Gallery has another feature I like, which is driving a warehoused-based gallery with a text-file (as opposed to a CSV-file).

Another one of my must-have requirements is the ability to change color and opacity of a lightbox. Will’s ProGallery does a great job in this department. And again, Image Gallery is very good at that, as well.

(Gary) #6

I like the Felicity type of carousel in wraparound mode. See https://codepen.io/desandro/embed/gbjzre?height=300&theme-id=1&slug-hash=gbjzre&default-tab=result&user=desandro

I don’t think there is a stacks version of this where the previous and next images are partially shown on the edges.

(Jason Bostick) #7

Doesn’t moving box do that? I could be mistaken…

(Gregory Barchard) #8

Interesting. Yea I’ve seen this effect before. Thanks for the link.

@Rovertek yes I am aware. Thanks :slight_smile:


(Lisa Sandler) #9

I want something that is a cross between https://rwextras.com/xslider/ and https://joeworkman.net/rapidweaver/stacks/movingbox/. Varied widths on photos, random order, nav arrows/bullets and other usual options. The catch… it has to be completely responsive… without having to set different sizes for different widths. Right now I’m using Movingbox but I have 2 sets for larger and smaller screens and I have to set the different widths individually fixed and I can’t use the margins because they end up being different sizes: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com

I love and use https://stacks4stacks.com/progallery/, but it does have some issues inside other tab stacks, such as https://stacks4stacks.com/switcher/. As @Rovertek said, and @willwood has told me and you mentioned in your reply, Greg @barchard.

Also use https://stacks4stacks.com/refinedslider/.

I realize I’m asking for things that I’ve been told are hard to make happen :slight_smile:


(Lisa Sandler) #10

Yes, to a certain extent, Moving Box does this. My problem is I have different widths on images and it’s hard to get them equal… I can’t use the margins because I have to set each size a certain fixed width. It also sometimes leaves a little white line below on certain screen sizes where it doesn’t quite fit.

(Gary) #11

@jabostick No. It doesn’t do the clever bit which is to show a glimpse of the previous and next images. It is a really nice effect when used with 3 images so only the centre image is fully visible.

(Jason Bostick) #12

Isn’t that center mode? Not arguing with you, just thought that was the purpose of Center Mode and not at my RW comp to check.

(Lisa Sandler) #13

That’s what I thought, too. https://preview.joeworkman.net/movingbox/

(Gary) #14

Moving box does a strange version of it because it scales the centre image. I just tried it and couldn’t get it to look right and it was making the centre image smaller when the magnification was set to 1.

This is what I could never do with Movingbox - http://codepen.io/desandro/pen/yyqjVm

(Lisa Sandler) #15

Yes, this would be great, especially for different width images.

(Lisa Sandler) #16

As a photographer, I am always interested in new and useful slideshows, so I look forward to seeing what your plans are :slight_smile:thanks, Lisa

(Rob Beattie) #17

I use Montage 2 by Doobox a lot. Flexible and very good on touchscreens
I liked Stellar Stacks Slider because of the incredibly smooth transitions
I’ve always liked Royal Slider and Revolution Slider on WordPress because of the way they let you layer animations.

I also use Impact and S4S Freestyle 2 a lot. And increasingly Gallery 3

And of course there’s Ultimate Gallery, long gone but not forgotten.