Site Attempting to Authenticate Browser Using http


Having an issue that I need resolved. When using Chrome, I get a security warning going to my site. This is the issue:

The script looks to load a message indicating if a browser is outdated or
not. The Chrome warning is due to the script loading an external resource
over http rather than https.

I have not had a reply from the Theme Developer. Any way to resolve this issue?
Theme used - Overview | Shift

Thank you

Really hard tell what’s happening when you use generic URL’s in a post.

If you’re asking for help with something like this give the REAL URL and or much more specific information.

  • screenshot of message
  • theme being used
  • a URL to at least a test page that has the problem

Thank you for the information. I have updated my request with all the necessary details.

Lot more than that one error on
I get 58 errors on that page. Most mixed content fonts. Would think it a theme issue. tagging @MultiThemes

The preview doesn’t have an SSL certificate so can’t test.

Tagged the wrong theme developer.
@weaver I think is the theme developer.

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