Selecting Font Weights

“Fonts” seem to be a complicated subject to a newbie webpage developer! So, to get started, I’ve decided to use Foundation and standard web fonts. I watched Joe W’s videos about how to use the Site Styled Stack. So, I go into Site Styles and select the following (for example):

  1. What does Style Italic mean? How do I make a word Italic?

  2. Isn’t H1 always larger than H2? So WHY is the weight of H1 less than H2?

  3. Joe W. warns about getting the weight right for a font you select. WHERE do I find the correct weight for the various Web Fonts I may select?
    strong text

  1. Italic is like this. Slanted

  2. Weight refers to thickness/ boldness not size or height

  3. I didn’t see the video but I assume he is referring to fonts you load, like google fonts. If you try to load a font/weight that doesn’t exist it won’t work.

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OH…he said! Should have know that! Thanks, Scott W!
Bye R@y

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Hello… Do you understand what the “H1” and “H2” means?