Self hosted videos not reszing in preview?

Hi group, I am trying to understand RW7, I’m up to my video page, and I bought video player2, the iris theme from nick cates, and adaptive grid.

I am trying to have a page that has 1 or 2 columns and will play in a new window. I cannot figure out where or how to adjust the size of the videos within the app for web browsers and ipad, and iphones. In the preview and a test online the video will NOT play. As of today, I have the video on my site, as an mp4 also tried MP4, I have a webm version as well. The only way my video plays is to have itauto start but then I had no way to stop the video or pause even with the buttons showing. I’ve emailed both parties but no reply yet. On Nicks tutorial it said there was a place in RW that allowed auto video resizing but I can’t located anything like that.

Hope someone can assist me… THanks David

Hi, for Videos with the theme, you need to have them stored on YouTube or Vimeo and then the embed code can be placed into the Iris theme and they will act responsive:

To place the self-hosted videos into the Adaptive Grid, you need Stacks - this is the framework all stacks work with. Do you have it?

Drop me a PM if you like and we can use TeamViewer to have a look to your site.

Hi Jan,

I have the videos on my site, and I do have the stacks 3.5 as well as the ones I mentioned, the video player 2 by will shows I can have the videos self hosted which was my preference.

I can pm you if you want…