Videos and uploading using rapid weaver 7

Im new to Radidweaver 7 and loving it so far but can’t quite figure out how to upload video into site. I’m having a animated video done and trying to put it on my homepage. Any ideas or advise would be greatly appreciated.

It depends to an extent what stack you are using and whether you intend to self-host or go via a service like Vimeo. I created an animation/video recently that I uploaded via a separate FTP client and then linked to it in a video player stack.

Like Facebook? I uploaded it gave me a code n used that code to post with rapidweaver7 but it doesn’t resize when on mobile what can i do should i get a HTML stack? any advice

I have never tried using a video from Facebook in Rapidweaver, so I have no knowledge of how that works. You would probably find it easiest uploading a video to Youtube. Then use a stack like which is free, responsive and very simple to use.

If you would rather use Vimeo you could try a different player stack like

There are several of these stacks available if you search on Google. Personally I prefer to self-host the video because I then have more control and for this I use

The short film I created was a fusion of video and 3D animation that looks relatively simple but it was surprisingly hard work and took several days of work plus a week just to render on Maya. Good luck with this because I know it is not easy creating animation. It can be very, very expensive.

thanks for the feedback and advise I appreciate it. do you know if they are compatible with rapidweaver7?

Each stack should have compatibility information on the developer’s website but I have seen no problems with either Rapidweaver 6 or 7.

I was trying to use with the stacks4stacks player but it would not let me on rapidweaver7 I wonder if my theme doesn’t allow it or it incompatible

I’m not near my computer at the moment but Player definitely works with Rapidweaver 7 on self hosted videos. It doesn’t work for videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

You can see it on my site at and I did this in Rapidweaver 7 using Foundation, but I don’t recall reading anything about theme restrictions. I assume your theme is responsive.