Full Menu and HTML 5 Video

Im just starting a new site for a client… Im using two stacks that I haven’t used before!
The two stacks are Full Menu (Weavers Kingdom) and Joe’s HTML 5 Video! They seem to have an issue together and I’m not sure what to do about it!
When the video controls are not hidden and the video isn’t playing if you press the menu burger the controls are still visible in the overlaying menu! But it seems to be ok on my mobile but not on the iMac!

I also need a better way to do the video really! its currently about 50MB! and I’ve just put it in the resources to show you on here what my issue is! how do you get round a large size video sitting on your server? Normally I upload to Vimeo or YouTube and just enter the code into a player! But my client wants this video to autoplay! Which I have never really managed to do before!
The link to the site is…

Final question is that the video seems to sit under the Full Menu which you notice on mobile more! and only when the menu is fixed… which is what I want ideally. The video sits fine in scroll mode by the way! Is there a way to make it sit below the menu and not under it?

While I have neither of these two stacks, I guess your issue is related to the z-index.

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Because of the size and being on a slow server, I couldn’t get it to play long enough to tell for sure, but I think you have audio? You can’t autoplay videos with sound.

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I contacted Lucas at Weavers Kingdom and the issue of the video controls was indeed a z index issue which is now sorted thanks to a little css from Lucas. Anybody have any ideas about the video? How do you get them to a smaller size to put on the server? Or am I going about this the wrong way completely?

Shared servers are usually too slow for videos. You can reduce the size with something like handbrake, but you’d be better off with hosting on something like Vimeo.

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Ok, thanks Doug… I guess my issue is trying to find something that will autoplay from Vimeo! or to try and talk the client out of autoplay! I’ll take a look at some of the options. Thanks again for your help.

That would be the best option, most users hate autoplay. I have it turned off on every browser (yes you can turn it off and not allow autoplay on desktop browsers).

Autoplay will increase your “click-thru” rate(people leaving your site right away) and decrease your conversion rate.

Remember no audio, the default for all browsers is to block autoplay of anything with sound.

I don’t know about the stack you are using, but you can autoplay Vimeo embed code.

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