Semantic HTML5/CSS3 in Stacks

I am trying to find examples or the proper way to build a semantic webpage for just an article.


Thanks for pointing me to the more economical resources.

Edit: I can’t find a single stack that appropriately applies <main> and <article>or even uses it at all.

If you have my Foundation stacks, there is a stack in there called Structure that does exactly this.

Unless I am missing something. This is not what I mean. I am not looking for structured data. Though that also is very important and is a part of the bigger picture. I cannot find a single page made with any stacks that uses the html tag <article>

The Structure stack can be used for structured data but it also can just do simple semantic tags like you want.

I don’t know exactly where you are heading.

What’s the reason you want to use the tag?

Poster Stack’s blog posts are all wrapped with an article tag. See example Blog Post 1

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