SEO Helper II Meta Tags stack guidelines

I am working with SEO Helper update with RW 8, Stacks 4 and Foundation and trying to establish some guidelines for the use of SEO Meta Tags by Joe Workman.

Since posting this topic I have answered some of my questions and after a bit more experimentation I will post my knowledge.

After playing with the new stack I have come up with the following rules for myself.

Turn off all RW meta tag settings on all pages.

Only have the Basic stack on the home page.

I can put a Structure Data - Product stack along with the Basic stack on the home page, although only one of them can have the Meta tag setting on in RW. This is a mystery.

I can put a Page Description stack on other pages, alone. The stack is installed with the RW meta tags on. I turn them off.

If I mix other Meta Tag stacks on the same page I get Duplicate Meta Tag warnings.

I have found no way to use the Robot stack, unless it stands alone on a page.

The SEO Basic stack cannot be moved out of the Meta Tag stack. The Structure Data - Product stack can be moved out of the Meta Tag stack. It is not clear if this effects the search engine.

It sounds to me like you haven’t watched any of @joeworkman 's excellent guideline videos. You shouldn’t really put the Basic stack only on he homepage. In fact it’s better to not use it and add the stacks it contains individually, then you can add the ‘page description’ stack to each page and make it relevant to that one page its on. Then make a partial out of the stacks that CAN go on every page and add it to every page.

Watch these videos carefully:

Once you get the hang of it they’re easy to use and really good!


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Many thanks. I had done searches for this type of info but did not find these sites.

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I now feel much better about my understanding of SEO and RW. I am now placing the Meta Tab stack on every page filling in unique information on each page.

I am now waiting on Google Search Console to give me a report on my website.

I stumble on this site relating to SEO. Perhaps others will be interested.

I now have an issure with structured data. John Workman has not covered it yet. He plans a special coverage later.

I have a Structured Data - Product with this data filled in:

When using Google Search Console on the page with this metadata I get an error with this message:

Either “offers”, “review”, or “aggregateRating” should be specified

I cannot find anything about how to do this. Any help out there?

That is just a warning. Your data is still valid. I do plan on adding these attributes in the future.

Thanks for the input.

I have learned a bit more from three sites of great value.

The Google Structured Data Markup Helper at

The Google Structured Data Testing Tool at

and the site at

Decided that the Product schema was not for me. Now using the CreativeWork schema. Very happy now. I developed the HTML code for my schema and put it
into the head section of the page using RW.

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