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I have a simple question about the field «Image URL» in The «SEO Helper» from Joe.
I would like to know what kind of image would be most appropriate to put, a logo of the Company, an image of the page etc. and is there any size to respect?

Thank you!

The image will be what you want to display when someone shares a link to your page. So subject can be what you want.

Facebook Recommends a 1200px x 628px

Facebook also has an excellent tool to check how a share link will look. It also lets “re scrape” the page. That will allow you to refresh what they have cached.

@teefers — Thank you for your answer I appreciate!

I’m playing for the fist time in SEO Helper and I have another question in de Sitemap Stack, they ask for a «Images CSV» any idea what to put there?


You can place a comma delimited list of image URLs that you would like to add to the sitemap for a particular page.

@joeworkman: Thank you Joe!

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