SEO on a single page site

I’ve created my first one page site (yeah I know, that’s me at the bleeding edge, right?) using the Euphonic theme and it’s occurred to me that I don’t know what to do about SEO.

I can do all the usual things of course and I’m a devil for ALT tags and other stuff, but I usually have unique page descriptions for each page, different keywords and so on.

But with a single page site I can’t do this.

So, is it a question of doing all the usual stuff and then coming up with a single page description, good browser title, set of keywords etc that applies to the whole site?



I’d have thought so, Yes

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Cheers. Let’s see what happens!

I’d skip the keywords. Google ignores them and Big looks at them as possible indicators of spam. With just one page I think your best chance with SEO is lots of text, strong incoming links, mobile compatibility and fast site performance.

I’d agree and a conforming Title and Description - ‘dictionary style’ (avoid conjugated verbs), viz:

Authentic artisan Spanish wines


We sell authentic wines from Spain for the discriminating palate…

In order to have a fair shot at a good ranking in Google (search engines), you should have the desired keyword(s) in the:

  • URL (keywords in the actual domain are best, but works)
  • Page title (meta)
  • Page description (meta)
  • H1/H2 titles
  • Content (text, alt tags, etc)

###Find the Right Keywords
I’d recommend using the Google Keyword research tool to find the most appropriate and popular keywords you’d like to target. We don’t want just a lot of traffic, we want quality traffic - people who are actually looking for the product/services offered. Pick the BEST keyword(s), just a few, and focus on them.

###Create a section for each keyword
If you have 3 keywords you’d like to show up under, then I’d put them in the page title, description, and create some content sections (with an h1 tag for the title) for each keyword. You’ll basically need to create a section/page for each desired keyword, as you would with a regular site. If possible, make each section have a keyword friendly URL (, etc).

###Page speed is particularly important
Another aspect is to focus on page speed - the problem with parallax and one page sites is they tend to have really large file sizes - keep the images optimized (ImageOptim is good) and make sure you are using .htaccess rules to speed things up. The last RapidWeaver podcast episode covered this topic really good: Episode 4: Russia connects to you

This can all vary depending on your website and overall goals. As @ashleykaryl mentioned, keywords are ignored for the most part due to abuse.

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@robbeattie Have you tried any of my suggestions? Any luck?

I was pondering a one-page site for a client but not sure it would be best for them. Definitely curious to hear of your experience!