RapidWeaver SEO Articles

Hello Weavers!

We’ve started publishing some RapidWeaver SEO articles on the Realmac blog. The goal is to help you build websites that rank well in Google and increase your traffic :smiley:

If you haven’t read them yet, here’s what we’ve posted over for the last couple of weeks:

I’d love if you shared these on social media and with your weaver friends! If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas for future posts, do let me know :slight_smile:

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I noticed your header graphic uses rich snippets. Did I miss something? I didn’t see any mention of this is the article. Native support?

BTW: it is super frustrating to see Realmac using Ghost. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


We’re aware that this isn’t ideal, and hope to fix it in the future. We still use RapidWeaver for the main site because it rocks, we’d never use anything else!

There’s no native support for this currently, it would be a cool feature though!

It’s a subject I’m planning on covering in more detail in a separate post.

So glad you shared this! Thank you.

@ben this is good.

I am confused by one thing… Can I make my descriptions the same as my page titles? or is it good practice or redundant?

Also, do I need robots tags?

If anyone has the answer besides Ben, I’ll take it :slight_smile:


You would probably NOT want the Tile and description to be the same. The description is a much larger area (about 160 char is recommended. Titles are much shorter max 60 char).
If Search Engines do use your description, it will appear in a separate area.

Here are some References on both from Moz.

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@teefers said it :slight_smile:

@LSPhoto take it you are referring to a robots.txt file that takes care searching engine robots called crawlers, spiders… by telling them off from certain page etc.

  1. RW takes care of this by default.

  2. Other options are and some say it is a good policy to add it through RW’s settings Code area

    The Web Robots Pages

  3. RapidBot2 seems to be also a popular option.

Do we need ‘robot tag’? Generally yes, if we have pages in our project file that is not supposed to be visible. Like pages that relate mobile menu functions etc. But like said that is by default taken care by RW. :sweat_smile: If some one has a solid rule and reasoning for this question, I welcome it.

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@TapioMichael yes, but referring specifically to meta tags. This is carried over from earlier versions of RW… This confuses me so I have a couple of specific questions.

Where do I put the robots text in site-wide code? If I have only two pages I want to block, would the code look like this?

User-agent: *
Disallow: /store/
Disallow: /payment/

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robots.txt is a separate file in your root directory.
We talked about this earlier in the year; you can create one with RW or a text editor:

don’t forget to test this! - A messed up robots.txt file can stop search engines from indexing all or part of your site.

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Right, Doug. Is the code I put up good for the 2 pages?

I always have used a (*) wildcard at the end.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /store*
Disallow: /payment*

Assuming you have no other directories starting with store or payment.
In the other post, I think I outlined how to test these, so you could try it without the wildcard and see. Either way, do go through the testing.

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Got it now, thanks. That worked with the *.

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