Setting Caption in ProGallery 2.3.2 for folder of images from EXIF?

Hello, All,

For @willwood 's stack, I have a gallery of photos in a folder.

Would love to have the captions grabbed from EXIF comments or similar. (My goal is to list the copyright info under the photos as the caption.) Is this possible?

The only other way to easily get captions per photo is to create a CSV of the photos and upload that. Is that true?


It’s something several people have asked for and is on the ‘would be nice to have’ list. :grinning:

Unfortunately the only solution I have found to extract EXIF data is by means of using some jQuery Javascript. A limitation of this method is that it will only work on images that are stored on the same domain that the website is on, due to something technical called ‘same domain policies’. It’s a security protocol that prevents data being taken from images stored on other domains.

I have revisited this feature request numerous times, and hit the same road block each time.

A lot of people using ProGallery like to store their images elsewhere; like on a sub-domain or CDN like Amazon S3. It would perhaps be a shame to show-off a feature that a lot of people could never use! So that is my resentment about adding EXIF support. It also poses a problem for people building galleries that use lazy-loading or contain different media types and image formats. My understanding is that only JPG and TIFF support EXIF standard v2; whereas WebP, GIF and PNG do not support EXIF?

Some more image / thumbnail layouts should become available in the next update. A few of these have much larger areas to display a greater quantity of caption content and basic formatting. So if it’s not too much effort, you could manually import / paste a fair amount of EXIF data to display alongside your images, and continue to build a stunning portfolio.


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