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I am trying to figure out how to assign metadata values with my photo editor (Capture One) that will be displayed by ProGallery (v2.4.3) as what it calls titles and captions. It seems that metadata field names are not universal, so I have not had luck figuring out which metadata fields in Capture One map into ProGallery’s titles and captions. I have tried putting text in these “IPTC - Content” fields in Capture One: Headline, Description, and Category. When I export a jpg, one application (Pathfinder) shows the added values in IPTC fields called (respectively) Headline, Caption/Abstract, Category. But when I use that jpg image with ProGallery with titles and captions displayed for both the thumbs and in the Lightbox, it simply shows the filename as title for the thumbnail (no caption displayed) and as both the title and caption in the Lightbox. Any thoughts?

Capture One, I have not heard of or used before. Someone else might be able to chime-in here with some suggestions about that one or provide a link to another forum or support resource if the question relates directly to their software.

Metadata is normally keywords or descriptions you add at the top of a webpage to benefit search engines.

Maybe you are mistakenly talking about image EXIF data? ProGallery cannot read EXIF image data, because of CORS limitations. A widespread issue not limited to ProGallery. A lot of web servers are configured to block us accessing image EXIF data, for greater speed and security.

For that reason, we provide dedicated input boxes for you to enter your desired image titles and captions. Or if using the CSV image source, there are spreadsheet columns to enter these strings.

Titles and captions can be optionally displayed against thumbnail images. Or you can display with within the lightbox, if enabled. Settings to toggle these on and off are available within the ProGallery settings.

If using the ‘directory of images’ image source, this is purposefully engineered as a very primitive way to supply images. The image file name gets reused as its title. Again we do not go anywhere near image EXIF data.

Work has been done in the latest versions of ProGallery to improve the display of titles / captions and to help @Bill facilitate support for his new database stacks. Be sure you have got all updates applied. Updates were published only a couple of days ago.

Latest version, as of Thu 14 Feb 2019 is v2.4.5.

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I know this is of marginal relevance to this topic, but perhaps it’s worth mentioning for the sake of many website builders that are also photographers—especially those who are current or former users of Adobe Lightroom.

Capture One, the product of the software branch of Phase One, is the Danish equivalent of Lightroom that has one huge advantage over Lightroom—it is available both as subscription- and non-subscription-based product.

Capture One is the long-established professional-level RAW image editor that has the functionality and quality very similar to Lightroom, with the additional perks.

Personally, I haven’t used it yet (only because of the lack of time), but I am fully prepared to completely free myself from any and all subscription-based apps. I know that Capture One will fit the bill perfectly.

Sorry for the digression…

Thanks for your feedback Will. I’m using the directory of images source and was hoping to have PG read some IPTC (similar to but not EXIF) fields stored in the images to populate the titles and captions that PG displays with the thumbs or in the lightbox. This is possible in some other stacks such as Gallery3. I take it from your comments that that is not possible with PG.

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