Settings for cookies, CDN http requests and DOM elements to speed up my site

I just ran a Yslow test as well as a google speed test and they both said that my cookies don’t have a far future expiration date, which is a bad thing apparently. Anyone know how to update the cookie expiration settings? While I’m at it, apparently I do not have a CDN setting, too many http requests and too many DOM elements. I am only vaguely familiar with any of these. On the good side however, I was able to add Gzip to my site. Any ideas on how to fix these? My site is Any ideas on how to fix one or all would be appreciated.


Great questions. How did you do the Yslow test?

Thanks - the Yslow test is a simple plug in to your chrome browser - here is the link:

Just plug it in and have it run any URL you would like. It is quite helpful, however, after running it on some very well trafficked sites like, etc., whom I figure are pretty good at this stuff, Yslow came up with similar issues to my site. Not sure who to believe. It did pick up that I wasn’t using Gzip which is important for load times. It was also helpful as it showed me the total size of each page as well as each component. Still not sure how to fix some of the issues however…