/sharebutton.to spam in google analytics: solutions?

Hope ya’ll can help me here.

After looking at my Google analytics >** Acquisition > Channels** I see this: http://share-inspiration.d.pr/F8VQ

It seems like /sharebutton.to is some kind of referral spam. Can anyone help me to figure out what is going on and stop this from showing that the top 6 keyword searches on my site are coming from


The site in question is: http://haribol.us

I appreciate your support.

Can’t read your screen shot very blurry, and a URL would help.

Thanks for the suggestion. The image link should be clear now. And the site in question is:

Referral spam in GA is a known problem, you can build a filter in GA to exclude it. To my knowledge that’s about all you can do until Google steps up and fixes the issue.

You many want to have a read of this https://raventools.com/blog/stop-referrer-spam/
You’ll find a lot more such pages with a Google of ‘htaccess block referrer spam’

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