Warning script on contact us page

Hello out there. I am not receiving emails from my website and just tried it myself to find warnings on my “contact us” page. Have no idea how to resolve this. They don’t show up in the program. Any help? BTW, it’s version 4.4.2.

Impossible to help without a url to see page and errors


It’s atlantahomerenovators.com. The “contact us” page.

There is an issue with the google analytics script on that page. I would start by removing GA from the page first and see if it’s the cause of the other issues.

Also be sure that php is actually running on your server.

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Thanks for responding Scott. Found out the mailbox with GoDaddy was full. Frickin’ 10,000 emails I wasn’t even aware of over the years. Purged that and decided to eliminate the page and just list the email address on the front page of the website. Quite a few friends have told me that they are always having to deal with “contact us” page issues

Go Daddy should be automatically advise you if your mailbox is getting full. If not move to a decent host!

FYI, adding your email address “in the open” is just asking form spam galore.
I would try to get your form running for sure. I agree with @manofdogz you should consider a better host than GoDaddy - Chillidog is what I recommend @barchard (Greg) has top-notch hosting and service and he knows RW inside and out.


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