I think this is this spam warning

I have received two emails from " “notifications@realmacsoftware1.discoursemail.com”; one called system via RapidWeaver forum and the other one Discobot via Rapidweaver forum, both emails have a button to click on a link; I am pretty sure this is spam, but also want to warn other forum users about it.

Hey @heretix,

Thanks for brining this up, however, those are just notifications from the forum software we use, they are not spam.

You can change the preferences for what notifications you receive here.

Hope that helps!

In this case, there must be a way of making it clearer that this is genuine, an email of this kind with an address that does not look like if it is coming from Realmac and a suspicious link to click on for me goes straight in the spam box

Sorry to hear that, maybe something has gone awry and it doesn’t look like it should. Can you post or send over a screenshot of the email you received?

We’ll look into this more and see what we can do to improve things!