Shopping Cart for Seminars / Classes / Events

Is anyone aware of a plugin or stack that works well as a shopping cart for event bookings and registrations?
I offer weekend seminars at my studio and online, with the option to attend either or both days. The normal shopping carts are more suited to merchandise than such services.

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I’ve used along with the Cartloom stack from @yabdab. It’s nice because you can set “product inventory” numbers to serve as enrolment/registration caps. And using the stack or pasting in code snippets allows you to customize the way it all looks.

You can even have the “purchase” set to automatically deliver digital goods to purchasers, like agendas, waivers, etc. If you set the price to $0.00 (for registering for a free event or seminar), I don’t think you even have to worry about PayPal or anything. Plus, the Cartloom backend has all sorts of great features for contacting registrants, etc. There’s a 30-day free trial, too.

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Have you ever used it for event bookings?

Not exactly… I’ve used it for something similar, but to be honest, Cartloom doesn’t adapt particularly well to functions other than an actual store. You can see the results of my current attempt at bending it to my will here:

This is for an event with multiple sessions, and I’m using Cartloom as a way for people to register for whichever sessions they choose. It works, as you can maybe see, but it’s not ideal. That said, I don’t know of an alternative that works as well with RapidWeaver. (Though in the above-linked example, I’m using Cartloom’s Storefront to generate the page.)

Please let me know if you find an alternative! (I know the next version of Payloom will have a “catalog” mode, but that’s not the same thing as registration, and it won’t have inventory.)

You could always take a look at embedding something like this into your page: