Cartloom 4 - E Commerce for RapidWeaver

Hey everyone :smiley:

Just wanted to shout out, Cartloom 4 is an exicting new ecommerce option for RapidWeaver!

Drag and drop full designed, responsive, product pages (and stores) into your RapidWeaver site.

Editing is done online in the beautiful Cartloom admin. You can setup multiple users for client or team member editing, and changes take effect in RapidWeaver preview - and your live site immediately!

Watch our video, and we’re running a promo special for new sign ups!


Looks very nice!

I presume from the sales page no support. Is this correct?


Not currently, we support 9 gateway right now. I’ll check if Square is possible, hang tight

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Ok, Square is not a gateway, making it not possible for any carts to connect to it for card processing. There is also Cartloom Pay (new feature), where all transactions, and bank transfers, are handled within the Cartloom admin.

But long story short, Square is completely it’s own thing.

Nick, congrats on the beta launch, it looks great (and love the options in the pricing structure).

Is there a way for a client to be able to manage products or add new products to their store without having Rapidweaver access? Either via the Cartloom admin or some other way (Total CMS maybe??). I haven’t used Cartloom in the past

Looks great Nick. How does the “$59 Pro Features Forever” work?


Yes, you can drag a new Cartloom 4 Store into your Stacks page, then publish it. After that you can setup your customer to have limited permissions within the Cartloom Admin. The Store will live update from that point forward, no need to re-open RW to make changes. :slight_smile:



With that option , you enjoy all the Pro features for no added cost for the life of your account.

So you can just get the Free or Plus plan and still get all the pro features.

Does that answer your question? It really is a helluva deal . :slight_smile:


Pro plans have features that the Plus and Free plan to not offer. Buy in now for $59, you’ll then enable Pro features for Free and Plus plans. So basically you’ll still choose a Free or Plus plan, you’ll get Pro features unlocked!

Does that answer you’re question?


@nickcates Hey Nick is this editable by my clients once i hand over the website?

Thanks @nickcates and @yabdab - that definitely answers my question. It kind of seemed to good to be true at first reading, so thanks for the clarification. That’s a great offer and something i will definitely consider. :slight_smile:

Do the 0% transaction fees apply with the $59 Pro Features purchase?

Yes, clients and edit at any time, both of you will have access - it’s super easy to setup too.

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Good question, I do need to clarify that, Free accounts will always have the 2% charge, and no gateways. Plus plan must be used for Gateways and 0%


Thanks for checking on this! Somewhere down the road Cartloom make sense for me anyway. I will be investigating.

What happens to Cartloom 3? How long will I be able to use it? Also, what Gateways are available for the Cartloom 4 Free plan? Thanks. Looks great Nick!

Right now Cartloom 3 users and toggle between Cartloom 4 freely after sign up. Going to Cartloom 4 will in no way remove your existing Cartloom 3 account or products! Eventually Cartloom 3 will be phased out, but this won’t happen any time soon.

Free plan payment options are PayPal, and Cartloom Pay for credit cart processing. Please let me know if there’s any other questions! Thanks.

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Great question, I’ll show off a great feature here, Cartloom stores can be direct link - no website needed! Here’s a demo store:

It’s worth noting some cool points, Cartloom not only can create beautiful stores within any website, but even no website is no problem. With purely Cartloom and social networks, you can begin selling with direct links.

Oh - and be sure to view that store in all your mobile devices, it’s nice :smile:


What are the transaction fees for Cartloom Pay?

Looks great! So the pro payment is per domain and one payment only? Or is it a monthly thing?