Short blog front page entries

How do I shorten the entries that appear on the front page of my blog? I kind of want to force people to go into the entry rather than read it from the front page but I can’t workout how to do this.

I’ve added summaries but these don’t seem to do anything. Is it a theme thing or a setting in RW?

Thanks for your help. Still getting into RapidWeaver.

If you add a summary to the post it should only display that on the main blog page. You didn’t say what theme you are using, so It could be something theme specific. I don’t use the “built-in” blog but just ran a quick test and it works with a every themes I checked.

Oh, I think I just worked out what I’d done. I mixed up the Social Tag description as being the summary and then I noticed the actual tab labeled Summary by the one labeled Body.

Such a rookie mistake. Thanks for your assistance. It was just enough to nudge me in the right thought process.

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