How to add code for email

how would I write the code for an email address. The HTML code that I have does not put the email into the “To” box of the email so it actually goes nowhere. I see that I need to add “?Subject=” but I’m not sure the whole line. This is how I wrote it:

Ok, it’s not letting me wrote the code to show up.

First part of line is smaller than bracket < then I add “a href=” then in quotes I add mailto: end with a quote " then I add a greater than > then I add the email. After the actual email I type a smaller than < and a back slash / the letter “a” then a greater than >

and it doesn’t work. Could you please tell me the whole line I need to write to add an email that will actually be sent out?
Thank you;

You need the email address after the mailto:
<a href="">Email Us</a>


Thank you so much! I was getting so frustrated. I appreciate your help. -corey-

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Yes, Steve, I have it. That’s how I learned my coding was wrong for the emails. I had a friend check the website and he told me my emails weren’t working as they were coded wrong. I was using coding from WordPress. Now I’m using RapidWeaver and the coding is a little different. I think WordPress is using older coding. But I did purchase and am using the Obscure Mail. Thank you so much for the advice. -corey-

PS: Christopher, how were you able to write coding and have it show on this forum? I tried to write my coding and it would disappear when I posted it. That’s why my note is all jumbled I didn’t know how else to explain what I was writing.

If you highlight

the bit you want to appear as code

and then click the little </> button in the edit window, the code will display.

Thank you very much. I learn something new every day. :slight_smile:

So I will try it now, the code I was writing for email was:

<a href="mailto:">email address</a> Which wasn’t working. Which I learned from WordPress. -corey-

This maybe useful:

This takes all this guesswork out for £0.79

Thank you, Paul & Dave. Much appreciated. -corey-