Sidebar width change

(Peter Buehrer) #1

Is it possible to change (in any theme() the sidebar width with a CSS script or something like that. The theme itself doesn’t supports this.

(Stuart) #2

Usually this is possible.

Can you provide a link to your site so we might be able to take a look and be a bit more prescriptive?

(Peter Buehrer) #3

thanks kryton I just have done it on the first page to test this theme. I use the “Traveler” theme from Michael Davis Design.
Because only the 3 lines for the navigation on top I think is a bit too little for me so I’d like to add a small sidebar navi.
hope this i the info needed


(Stuart) #4

Great. I’ll be home in a couple of hours and will look then, unless someone else gets in there first.

(Stuart) #5


From what I can see your sidebar navigation rests inside an aside block and your content inside a section block.
I tried these dimensions in the Chrome console and it looked fine to me and hopefully is closer to what you are looking for:

aside {
	width: 22%;

section {
	width: 72%;

You can adjust those percentages as you see fit.

Hope this helps. The large image on your page in which one cannot see telegraph poles is really beautifully atmospheric, I like it very much.

(Peter Buehrer) #6

Thanks for your help!

JUST figured it out, do it in the CSS section.

However I changed to the Top Menu variant - like it more.

Sorry to ask - I’m a "enduser not a programmer.
How do I access the aside Block :frowning:

I just saw that you’re familiar with the foundation theme. I used the Teleporter Stack from there to utilize the sidebar then added the Side Nav menu.
Mabe I’m doing something completely weird :smile:

(Stuart) #7

Yes, that CSS goes into the page or site wide CSS containers.
I don’t think you need to access the aside block in any special way, looks like the theme does all that for you when you put content into the sidebar - just the way you have been doing so far.

I don’t completely follow your comment about the top menu - apologies.

Regarding Foundation, I’m afraid I am probably one of the least qualified people here to talk about it. Others are vastly more knowledgeable than I on that subject. I’m sure if you have Foundation questions they will get answered really quickly.

Good luck

(Peter Buehrer) #8

I changed the sidebar Navigation to the “Top Bar” Navigation from Foundation (see page).
I think it runs as it should, however Foundation says on preview: “Foundation theme not applied! Please set the Foundation theme as the theme for this project”.

cheers peter

(Rob Beattie) #9

The Top Bar stack is designed to be used with the Foundation theme only. You can’t use it alongside a theme from another developer.