Change the Navigation bar style

(Steve Myers) #1

Hey guys I currently use the Vidrio theme on rapid weaver for my company’s site. We recently ran a design contest(@ for the landing page, well now I have to make the site look like the design we choose. Im pretty sure I can add some code in the settings>code area to add some changes. I’ve looked through the other themes rapidweaver comes with and don’t like them. Should I bother trying to tweak the theme I have or just buy a new one

(Bob Afifi) #2

What elements of the nav bar style are you wanting to change? Also, on my iPad the Vidrio theme is very choppy scrolling - anybody else?

(Doug Bennett) #3

Would need a look at the design your shooting for.

(Steve Myers) #4

Has anyone used Foundation Theme set from Joe Workman? I really just want more customization. Vidrio theme doesn’t let me customize anything on the navigation bar.

(Steve Myers) #5

Scrolling might seem a little choppy if there isn’t enough processing power available. I notice it takes a little long to load the first time, after the first time its usually quicker. My main problem with this theme is not being able to change anything about how it looks.

(Steve Myers) #6

This is the top half the page design we like so far.

(Steve Myers) #7

big step up from what we started with ( )
I don’t like how the navigation only shows what sections fit on the screen and the rest are in the down chevron sub-menu. Also when I add my Site logo it looks way smaller than I want it. Does that have to do with image size, or the theme?

(Jason Bostick) #8

I was going to comment on your original post that if you want something fairly specific, than digging around for the perfect theme might not be the best. Foundation or Foundry would be a better approach, imo. Then you can start with a blank slate and customize as you see fit.

Both Foundation and Foundry are well developed, updated regularly, have healthy user bases, etc

(Steve Myers) #9

I agree I have way too many changes to implement and I already got the go ahead to buy Foundation or Foundry from the boss.

(Jason Bostick) #10

Not sure on your familiarity with RW stacks but whatever you go with, you should add some Big White Duck stuff as well. They’re free (though donations are encouraged) and they really extend the functionality and options at your disposal.

(Bob Afifi) #11

Both Foundry and Foundation allow for the most theme customization, but each comes with a learning curve that can be fairly steep depending on where the user is at. An alternative way to go would be to modify an existing theme that already has most of the features installed (for example, Voyager Pro )

(Jon A. Booker) #12

Steve v-- a look at desired template would be nice. I found Vidrio hard to work with, I would think about purchasing rather than coding. My coding always come real close, but not quite there.