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Trying to exactly copy the way it looks like now, I am trying to build a one-page website with a static home page in RW/Stacks (and, also, I think, with Foundry - as that is what I am used to, but that is not necessary). However, I am not getting even close…

The original, found at http://www.stinger.com, looks like this…

My unpublished RW website, looks like this…

And like this in mobile screen size…

These are my two issues…

  1. I don’t know how to get that dotted world map in the background WHILE also placing the logo towards the top of the page.

  2. In mobile screen sizes the images and words are moved, turning it all into a mess.

This is what I have done in RW…

After building a many-page website in RW recently, I thought I would be able to tackle this simple page. But it seems I am not there yet.

Who knows what stacks to use and how to copy the original www.stinger.com page?

Thank you very much for your time and help,


Try this…I used Foundation1…@joeworkman
I laid it out 2 across so it didn’t need to scroll.

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Hi Joe,

That is awesome! I would change some details here and there, but this is basically it!

But, uhhh, how did you do it? I can only see the published result, not your Stacks built up.

Thanks again,


Sample file…

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