Reinstall stack

Hi all,

What do to next? :slight_smile: I can’t seem to find the stack or do I need to buy this?

And which one do I need to buy then?


This looks as though it’s one of Joe’s original responsive layout stacks.

Possibly this one?


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Looks like you might have deleted it from your library. Might check and see if you have a backup of it (TimeMachine maybe) or if you don’t have a copy, I would try to contact Joe’s support page and see if they can help you get another copy. @zeebe?

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If he had purchased the stack, it would be on our Order Lookup Page

More than likely he copied a part of a project file from a demo of Joe’s and did not have that stack, before Stacks 3.5 it would say Template, now it gives a little bit more information.

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