Converting RW4 site to RW6 site: 30 pages one by one: problems

I’m starting a much needed re-vamp of my online art gallery: at a guess there’s currently about 30 individual pages. A couple of the artists have died since the RW4 version and I need to make ‘emergency’ updates to their individual pages. I’m attempting to simply replace the old Blocks page with a Stacks page, but so far this is only partially working and background colours etc are missing. Am i missing something or is the disparity between the old and new too great? I’m mixing themes too (probably answering my own question?). I’m short of time too.

But as this an emergency fix, is there anything that I can do to get these two or three pages to work? I have thought about re-publishing the whole site as a RW6, but I’m concerned that there will be a complete meltdown caused by the old Blocks structure?

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You definitely cant just publish in 6 you would have to upgrade to 5.4 first, not sure if any problems getting from 4 to 5.4.

Sounds like a re-do to me, but maybe someone will have a bandaid.

Thanks Scot, I’ve already converted the whole site into RW6 I think? I’m working on it in RW6 anyway.

I would definitely do it fresh - too much legacy code

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Do you mean start completely from scratch? Thanks…

Yep - not necessary but I’m sure it’s easy enough to cut and paste all your text and use whatever stacks / plug ins best suit your purpose. Also, this way you have no head scratching complications - a lot of straightforward work is often much quicker than a small amount of problem work-arounds


I’m not entirely clear what the problem is. Are you trying to use Stacks to recreate pages that used to be in Blocks? You can do that, but it’s definitely a start-from-scratch thing. You can’t change a Blocks page into Stacks page other than by manually recreating it.
If you just want to install the latest version of Blocks you can preview the pages to see whether they still look fine. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t.
When you say the background colors are missing, do you mean of the page? the site? the stack?
I think more information would be helpful in resolving the issues.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

Thanks for the advice. I’ve attempted to recreate a couple of pages using Stacks, and have replaced the old Blocks pages with new Stacks pages. But have done this within the old website project. I think the advice above is directing me to actually begin a new project and cut and paste text etc. from the old into the new. Which is what I think I’ll do.

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