Need a good Photo Gallery stack

On my old site I had a photo gallery like the one you can see via this link:
It was part of my old Dreamweaver site but, since moving over to RapidWeaver, I have been looking for a gallery similar as this old one.
Can anybody suggest where I should look please.
Ron West.

There are lots of of image gallery stacks available for RW but I have yet to see one I really like. My primary observation is that they generally seem a bit clunky. I have a photography site I want to update with new images and make responsive, but this is proving a bit of a stumbling block. In terms of smooth transitions the best I have seen so far is

One small error I noticed on your home page was a reference to the 1DsII not being full frame but I still have one and I am certain it is a full frame camera. I agree it’s too heavy though!

@ronnieboot Did you already have a look at the Photo stack from Nick Cates? This should exactly be what you’re looking for and is the most polished gallery stack (including a superb lightbox) I’ve ever seen.

Alternatives would be the Gallery 3 stack from inStacks and the ProGallery stack from stacks4stacks, which I can also recommend both.


You are correct, I will correct my mistake.

@RapidBase, Hi, Matthias, does the NC Photo allow for placing captions with warehouse-based batches of images? If yes, is this driven by a CSV file, or some other method?

@Rovertek Sorry, can’t tell you anything about that, since I didn’t use captions with warehoused images 'til now.

Captions for photos inside a web / FTP folder are supported in Gallery Stack 3 by use of IPTC metadata inside the photos.

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ProGallery was updated this morning. Amongst several other changes (like support for Pulse CMS) there is now support for many more transitional effects between slides. This is the current list of transitions available to choose from in the stack settings:

Some like Slide Skew, Lollipop and Tube are really impressive.

Geek speak: we use hardware-accelerated CSS animations in ProGallery for these slide transition effects (not jQuery Easing as some other plugins do). So everything should be extremely smooth. Having said that, always fully test these effects in a standard web browser and not RapidWeaver preview, as there can sometimes be some roughness of animation effects, especially in RW 5 & 6.

Try the free demo version of ProGallery and contact me direct if you have any further questions.

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@ Ronnie Gallery 3 by InStacks has transformed my site in recent weeks. Delighted with it, the instant support when I had a question, and the many options possible.

Gallery 3

Here it is in use:

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I have now been using the ProGallery stack for a while now and I am so pleased with it and want to record my thanks to Will Woodgate for being so quick and efficient when answering my questions when I was in the ‘learning curve’ of using this stack.
Once you get the hang of it, it is so easy to use.
A very good stack for creating a Photo Gallery.
Visit my site to see it in action - My Website

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