Single License for use on 2 Macs

Updated from version 6 to7 based on that it could be installed on 2 Macs (desktop and laptop) When trying to install it on the laptop it does not recognize the serial number.

You did actually buy a new license for 7, didn’t you: it’s a paid upgrade?

Hope you don’t mind my just checking… :slight_smile:

It the paid upgrade from 6 to 7, I’ve also updated my desktop and passed the old one to my kids…



The good folks at RM can confirm - but I think it’s the case that users have a maximum number of licenses for any one purchase.

Is it possible that - through the various upgrades you’ve had (perhaps when not de-activating an old installation) and passed on to kids - that maximum has been exceeded?

I’m sure RM can sort it out for you.

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